Come by for a free sample of over 36
flavors of fudge! Made fresh in our
store with real butter.  Can't have

No Problem, we also have
Sucrose Free fudge.

Oh, and that marvelous
smell coming from the
back - That's our fresh
roasted nuts.

Your visit will be an
experience you won't
soon forget.
Try A Free
Sample Of
The Candy
Pose For A
Picture With
The Big Red
M&M Man
Come Be
A Kid In A
Candy Store!
You won't believe what we can
dip in chocolate:

Bacon, Fresh Jalapenos, Peaches,
Potato Chips, Strawberries, Dill
Pickles...the list goes on.

How about some soda in
a glass bottle? We have regular
flavors and some pretty weird
flavors - like peanut
butter & jelly, or bacon!